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We're an evidence-driven organisation, but Formisimo is giving us actionable insights into a critical part of our conversion funnel like we've not been getting before from any other analytics tool. We're using the insights to make our booking process and conversion rates the best they've ever been.

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For almost all websites a form sits between a website visitor and a conversion:

  • For e-commerce websites the user has to fill in an online checkout in order to become a customer and place an order
  • For B2B companies a user has to fill in a form to register an interest in a service
  • Almost every site has a contact webform
  • Most sites have login forms

Forms play such an important part in the conversion process that if you can improve them then you'll see an increase in sales or leads with the same marketing spend. This process of form conversion rate optimisation will also make it easier for your website visitors to engage with you, which means they'll have a positive experience of your brand.

Just like web analytics software such as Google Analytics the Formisimo Form Analytics tool allows you to view in depth information on how users use the forms on your site. This data can be split in to overview statistics, in-depth statistics and form issues, with the latter highlighting data that shows the user has a problem with part of your form.

Forms are one of the most overlooked areas of a website, both in terms of maximising performance and reducing the time taken to complete the required action. Formisimo gives you the power to find the problems within your form, correct these errors and reap the resulting benefits. One small change can go a long way towards increasing customer retention, leading to greater conversions and bigger profits. With Formisimo, you don't have to make a big change to make a big difference.

Formisimo is the only analytics platform focused on improving online forms. Our Form Analytics suite shows you which fields cause your customers to leave your forms, where they make the most corrections, where they spend the most time and what are your customers doing in your form, right now.

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About Formisimo

Formisimo is a unique tool to measure how visitors interact with the forms on your website giving you access to advanced metrics. Increase your site conversion rate and make sure you're making the most out of every website visitor. Read more about the team.

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Formisimo has been tested on WordPress, Magento, PHP, ASP and Zen Cart