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13 Form Design Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

Form Optimisation

Looking for a great source of information on improving your online forms? Here’s a list of 13 people you can learn from who tweet about issues with online forms and post links to fantastic articles that will help you fix them.

13 Form Design Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

Form design and research professionals

Formulate, @formulate

Formulate is an agency in Australia who work solely on form design, both online forms and the paper variety. Run by Jessica Enders, the team has a wealth of knowledge on usability and forms.

Luke Wroblewski, @lukew

Luke W is the author of Web Form Design, Filling in the Blanks and currently a Product Director at Google. His articles are frequently cited sources for interface design research and form design particularly.

Caroline Jarrett, @cjforms

Caroline Jarrett co-authored the book Forms That Work: Designing webforms for usability. She’s also a consultant on the Government Digital Service team and helps design many of the forms for UK government services.

Software services specialising in better forms

PCA Predict, @PCAPredict

PCA Predict provide address lookup, verification and data quality services. They post links related to form validation, ecommerce topics such as delivery statistics and about data quality.

Retweeted by PCAPredict:

Hook Forms, @HookForms

Hook Forms are just entering Beta but their concept is exciting, to help businesses process spam out of online form submissions and save users the pain of CAPTCHA. At the moment they’re posting updates about the progress of the product and retweeting great posts about web development for forms.

Formstack, @Formstack

Formstack is a form building tool for lead generation pages. Their tweets tend to relate to lead generation and conversion rate optimisation.

Web designers

Jeffrey Zeldman, @zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman is a web designer who designs with web standards at the forefront. As such you’ll get posts debating the failings or merits of coding languages and technical advice.

Retweeted by Zeldman:

User experience experts

Joe Leech, @MrJoe

Joe Leech consults on user experience strategy. He has a background in neuroscience and wrote Psychology for Designers. Joe habitually shares the slides from talks he presents at conferences, including Forms Are Boring.

Gerry Gaffney, @gerrygaffney

Gerry Gaffney runs a consultancy called Information and Design. He is also the co-author of Forms That Work: Designing webforms for usability with Caroline Jarrett.

Paul Boag, @boagworld

Paul is currently on a quest to document websites that waste users’ time. Many of the examples are of forms that ask unnecessary questions or are particularly hard to use. To add examples of your own tweet with the hashtag #StopUserAbuse.

Ecommerce-specific thought leaders

Tim Leighton-Boyce, @timlb

Tim Leighton-Boyce is an expert in ‘customer experience’ (CX) strategy. Focussing on the ecommerce industry. If either of these are your field of interest, start following Tim for great advice and retweets.

Baymard Institute, @Baymard

Although Baymard Institute don’t post often they’re such a trusted source for me that I had to include them in this list. They share their original data and case studies. One of their biggest resources is a usability review of 100 ecommerce checkouts.

Conversion optimisation specialist

Giles Adam Thomas, @gilesadamthomas

Giles Adam Thomas runs a conversion optimisation and content marketing agency, Whole Design Studios.

I follow these experts and more, you can subscribe to my Twitter list, Form Chatter.

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