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5 CRO Tools For The Non-Technical Marketer

Conversion Rate Optimisation

“Should I learn how to code?” This dilemma lurks in the mind and office space of the modern marketer.

Meeting around a table

It seems inevitable to say yes. After all, you want to be aware of the tiniest details of your digital marketing campaigns. These include the codes that enable your apps, emails, tools and websites to run. You’re also the link between design and development, yet, those teams speak different languages.

Learning to code is costly though, requiring time and money to really become proficient. That’s a drain on resources that could otherwise be spent on other aspects of marketing, such as conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

The correct answer: CRO tools that tell you what you need to know and don’t require a lengthy, complicated setup process.


(Data analytics)

KISSmetrics becomes indispensable for customer intelligence once you have enlisted it as a tool. It gives you insights into the buyer’s journey. It guides your decision-making process by showing you what is working and what is not.

“We saw a 30% increase in conversions by utilizing their tool,” shared Brad Hanks, marketing manager of software maker, Lucidchart.

The tool is also helpful in identifying which pages are causing you to lose visitors. In addition, it empowers you to take that step toward greater conversion from the same amount of traffic.

Free trial: Tied to a plan.
Pricing: Starter ($200/month); Basic ($700/month); Pro ($2,000/month); Enterprise also available.


(App automation)

Apps are everywhere these days. And it can be a chore to move data from one to another. Zapier allows your business apps to interact through Zaps. It also eliminates repetition of tasks using automation.

Ophélie Lechat, editor-in-chief of Sitepoint, used to manage multiple RSS feeds to share the works of her team of writers and editors from across the globe. These people use a variety of tools to accomplish their tasks, but she does not want to ruin their workflow balance. This is where Zapier comes in.

“[It] works quietly in the background. My team is now using process to be more productive without even knowing it,” related Lechat.

Free trial: Yes. 5 Zaps per month are allowed. Zaps run every 15 minutes. 100 tasks/month.
Pricing: Basic ($20/month); Business ($50/month); Business Plus ($75/month); Infrastructure ($125/month).


(KPI dashboard)

Real-time data take center stage, thanks to Geckoboard. It surfaces data from Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to lay down your key performance indicators, as they happen. Such a function unites business units.

In the words of Thain Simon, analytics lead at Rise, “Geckoboard has become a center point in our office. It’s a place where conversations take place about what’s happening with the data and what we can do to move those numbers in the direction we’d like them to go.”

Free trial: Yes, for 30 days.
Pricing: Solo ($49/month); Team ($95/month); Multi-team ($179/month); Company ($399/month); Flexible, tailor-fitted to your firm’s needs (call them for pricing)


(One-stop platform)

HubSpot has a wide offering of inbound marketing tools that it deserves its own article. Yet, it made this list because of the relevance of its software components, such as analytics, email, landing pages, marketing automation, and social media.

Voice Over Internet Protocol firm ShoreTel testified about HubSpot: “HubSpot has the sophistication, it has the scale, it has the functionality… and it has the vision that gives us the confidence to entrust our marketing platform to them.”

Free trial: Yes, for 30 days for the marketing software.
Pricing: Marketing Software – Basic ($200/month); Pro ($800/month); Enterprise ($2,400/month). Check onboarding requirements. Billed annually.
Sales Software – HubSpot CRM (not a trial, but it’s free).


(Graphical tool for UI sketches)

Balsamiq is an interesting addition to this broad list. Through this rapid wireframing software, you will be able to replicate the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, all while doing it on your computer. It may not help you directly with the conversions, but imagine how it can boost team productivity by unleashing creativity.

Free trial: Yes. Download Mockups 3, which is fully functional for 30 days. You can save your projects within that period. When it is over, you will need a license to keep new work.
Pricing: Desktop ($89/user); Cloud (starts at $12/month); and Google Drive ($5/month/user). All comes with a free 30-day trial.

Bonus: Formisimo

(Form analytics)

A quick note about Formisimo; our tool suits marketers and conversion optimisation professionals who need to understand how their web forms are performing at a glance.

We provide visual charts alongside tables of data that allow you to investigate the numbers. Formisimo is a diagnostic tool. We interpret data from interactions with your web forms e.g. key presses and time spent, to report on user behaviour.

Formisimo users discover leaks and pain points in their web forms that, when fixed, boost the conversion rate of the form.

Overview report showing increase in conversion rate

Sharp rise in form conversions

These are some of the best CRO tools that are at your disposal. Use them to boost productivity, increase conversion rates and streamline marketing responsibilities in your team.

To start a free trial of Formisimo, sign up and start tracking your web forms.

Or learn more by booking a free demo:

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