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5 Great Articles We’ve Read Recently – Flat UI and Forms, UX Hacks and More

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We love reading about form design, optimisation and conversion rate optimisation, and if you’re here, hopefully it means you do too. Here are some of our favourite articles from the past couple of weeks:

Source: webdesignerdepot

Source: webdesignerdepot

Flat UI and Forms – Jessica Enders

We’ve mentioned Jessica a few times on this blog before, and this article is a fantastic introduction to what the growing trend of flat design might mean for online forms. We’ve blogged about buttons before, and flat buttons clearly affect their ability to look ‘buttony’, and fields also often look less hollow in flat designed pages. Avoid usability errors by using this article as a starting point. Informative, useful and well written.

22 Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics  The Baymard Institute

This is a list we’ve also referred to before, but it has recently been updated. Cart abandonment is still very high, with at best 55% of visitors who start a checkout process failing to complete; it can even be as high as 80%. If your abandonment rate is high, get signed up to Formisimo, and find out why.

5 UX Hacks That Can Immediately Increase Revenue – Conversion XL

This article gives some great tips that can make a customer experience with your brand better, by intelligently designing online forms and making the transition from visitor to customer as easy as possible. Post code and zip look ups, auto-selection of shipping methods and storing old order information are all covered here.

Cut the Crap: 6 Landing Page Conversion Killers and How to Avoid Them – Unbounce

As usual, a great article from Unbounce, with some great tips on what to avoid when constructing a high converting landing page. Avoiding wishy-washiness, being too clever, meaningless graphics all feature. It’s time for a bit of a self health check when it comes to your landing pages, so use this as a great starting point.

Data-Driven Design In The Real World – Smashing Magazine

We’ve written about data driven decision making before, and this article draws on years of experience to give a practical guide to using data to influence design decisions. A mixture of quantitative (numerical data) and qualitative (non-numerical data that demonstrates the why or how) is important, and this article argues that we shouldn’t dismiss that latter simply because it isn’t numerical.