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5 Growth Hacking Communities You Haven’t Heard Of

Growth Hacking

When we talk of growth hacking communities, GrowthHackers.com and Inbound.org easily come to mind. After all, these are the best online marketing communities around, with thousands of comments being exchanged on a day-to-day basis.

But as marketers and growth hackers, we always want to learn more. While there are many corporate and personal blogs around that can provide new and timely lessons on growth hacking and lean marketing, the insights gleaned from forums and communities cannot be matched, especially since they give us a peek into the minds of other growth hackers. These are places where new ideas are born, excellent posts are shared, questions are answered, and tips and tricks on growing startups are revealed.

Here are lesser-known but equally informative growth hacking communities that every marketer would want to be a part of:

1. GrowthHacker.tv

This membership site may cost $49 (€43 or £32) every month, but every penny is definitely worth it just by the quality of content and the level of interaction that this online community gives. It has over 100 video resources where experts reveal their secrets when it comes to growing a startup. Not only do we learn valuable lessons on growth hacking, but we also get to discuss what we learned with a bustling community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketers, incubators, designers, data scientists, and project managers—basically anyone who wants to grow a startup.

2. Growth Hacking Subreddit

There’s a subreddit for everything, and that includes growth hacking. The community is home to more than a thousand subscribers, many of them active in sharing useful articles about SEO, SEM, link building, coding, email marketing, API integration, and inbound marketing. The community has been around for two years already, so there’s plenty of content in store for us.

3. Growth Hacking Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer network where users do everything—from asking the questions to answering and editing them. That means we can get the answers straight from people on the frontlines of growth hacking. While there are several open forums on growth hacking in Quora, by far the most valuable is the Growth Hacking thread with more than 14,000 participants. Other similar forums include Growth Hackers and Viral Growth and Analytics.

4. Hacker News

Those who want to keep abreast on the latest news on growth hacking can visit Hacker News, powered by American seed accelerator Y Combinator. If you already know how to use Reddit, you’ll never have problems with this site as it operates on a similar concept. The members of this community are very active, with the most popular discussions having more than 300 comments.

5. GrowthHackersForum.com

Those who are just starting out on growth hacking will benefit from this forum, as it is easy to navigate. Unlike other communities, topics are divided according to categories, which include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, analytics, affiliate marketing, programming and coding, and web design and development. Though the community only has 85 members, there are more than 500 discussions to delve into, ensuring a great learning experience for everyone who wants to learn the ropes of growth hacking.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a budding marketer or an experienced entrepreneur. Being a part of these growth hacking communities will benefit all of us in the long run as we learn of the latest online marketing techniques that drive effective and sustainable growth across all key areas in our startups.