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5 Presentations That Will Improve Your Forms

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ve gathered together 5 presentations that will help you improve your web forms. You’ll find lots of useful insights and pointers in each one to help you master form optimisation.

Tips include:

  • Direction on better form design

  • How to create user experiences people enjoy

  • Optimising your form for mobile devices

  • Writing copy that converts


  1. Jennifer Romano Bergstrom (Fors Marsh Group): Web Survey and Forms Usability Design & Testing

Jennifer Romano Bergstrom is a researcher specialising in survey methodology, cognitive psychology and user experience.

The presentation below is a good starting point when considering form design. Learn how to collect the data you need to optimise your form design. The aim is always to increase the number of conversions or responses. How to achieve this differs from form to form, that’s why testing is so important.

Web Survey and Forms Usability Design & Testing from Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

  1. Caroline Jarrett (EffortMark): Buttons on forms and surveys: a look at some research 2012

Caroline Jarrett reviews research from three different studies to give an overall picture the state of button design in online forms.

There’s lots of data from eye-tracking tests that highlight the best and worst placement for buttons.

Buttons on forms and surveys: a look at some research 2012 from Caroline Jarrett

  1. KISSmetrics: How to Get Survey Answers That Actually Help Your Business

This presentation from KISSmetrics gives tips on creating more effective surveys including how to ask questions that get useful responses and how to market your survey.

How to Get Survey Answers That Actually Help Your Business from KISSmetrics on SlideShare

  1. Bryan Eisenberg: Developing a High Converting Landing Page

Bryan Eisenberg has taken care to provide his notes with the slides in this version of his presentation on landing pages. Forms only take up a small part of the discussion but all the information will help to build a landing page that converts better.

Anatomy of a High Converting landing page from Bryan Eisenberg

  1. Luke Wroblewski: Rethinking Mobile Checkouts

Luke Wroblewski’s presentation on checkouts on mobile devices is a must-read for e-commerce CRO teams. Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse Mobile Report tells us one-third of traffic to e-commerce sites is now from mobile devices. Shoppers are using their mobile phones and tablets to research products and reserve or buy online.

'Reduce effort' slide

Get the whole presentation at Rethinking Mobile Checkout (PDF 11.4 MB)

Bonus video from Luke Wroblewski: How to Reduce Errors in Forms

This video overlaps with some of the information from the presentation in the link above. Here Luke W shows us common pain points in forms and how to avoid them.