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A New Way to Optimise Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimisation
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CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is now an integral part of the marketing process for forward thinking business, and according to a report by Econsultancy, only 28% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rate. There are a number of different approaches to improving your website’s conversion rate, including A/B testing, eye tracking studies, visitor playback and customer surveys.

Using just one method isn’t enough, and businesses that engage in CRO tend to try a variety of methods, dovetailing the insight. That same Econsultancy report states that using “a number of different methods to improve conversions” is highly influential in the success of improving conversion rates . Using more than one way of conversion rate optimising means you’re improving the visitor experience (and your conversion rates) from the advertising that entices them to your site, the first page the see and the user experience after that.

Form Conversion Rate Optimisation

There’s one part of the sales or lead generation funnel that’s been neglected until now, and that’s where Formisimo can help. The checkout process, or online form, that transforms a site visitor into a customer, is usually the last stage before a company makes money. But they’re the least optimised part of a website, and are often overlooked. For a business looking to increase sales or enquiries on the same marketing spend this is a fertile area for improvement:

  1. Data from the first 30million user interactions we’ve tracked shows that just under 80% of people who start to fill in a form don’t complete it. Just one in five people who are interested in doing business with you end up giving up on the spot.
  2. Users hate forms – when was the last time you were really frustrated at a form? Most likely very recently.
  3. When you start to understand the pain points forms are relatively easy to fix, meaning a little investment in development time can lead to a rise in your conversion rate.

How to start improving your forms

A good CRO process starts with measurement. Understanding the behaviour of your visitors leads you to making your site as persuasive and easy to use as possible and Formisimo is an easy to use cloud-based solution for measuring exactly what users do in your checkout process or online forms. It takes less than sixty seconds to install and you can see in-depth data on your users immediately.

Gathering data, and getting enough data to make an informed decision, is the first step in improving conversion rates, but interpreting this data drives change. Formisimo has eight different reports on how your users like (or dislike) your checkout or forms; each one highlighting problems that – when fixed – can mean a jump in sales or enquiries.

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Some of the questions that we answer for you are:

  • Which fields cause your visitors to abandon the form and leave your site?
  • How do mobile and tablet users interact with your form?
  • Are there fields that users keep going back to and correct?
  • How long does it take users to complete your form?
  • If a user is from a certain country how do they act in your form?
  • How many people see the form, how many start to fill it in and how many complete it?

You might find that your form is really difficult to complete for mobile users, or that a certain field drives away visitors in their thousands (a CAPTCHA, voucher field or username field for instance), or that it takes a long time to actually complete your form (even though you believe it’s a short form). Without a detailed examination of what visitors do in the form, improvements rely more on guesswork than data.

Tracking the changes that you make, and the impact of them, is just as important as making the changes, so Formisimo makes the CRO process even easier. Our annotations engine tracks when you add or remove a field, and you’ll see this marked in our charts; in addition to this you can also add your own annotations.

You can segment all our reports by country, device and browser (or a combination of all three), so you can understand how mobile customers in Spain differ from mobile customers in Mexico. Our data shows that users’ behaviour changes based on device and location, and more importantly forms are often not optimised for a particular device or locale.

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Going beyond Form Optimisation

Formisimo allows you to look back in time at what users have done on in your checkout process or forms, but what if you could react in real-time? The Formisimo Reactions engine enables you to just that, and it gives you another way to maximise conversion rates.

The reactions engine is a powerful tool that can predict when a user is going to abandon a cart or leave a form. Using Formisimo you can then choose to carry out an action, which could be one of the following:

    1. Connecting with the user via social channels.
    2. Prompting the user to send you a message so you can learn why they’re having problems.
    3. Displaying a help box for users so they can start a livechat or give you a call.
    4. Show the user a custom image.
    5. Fire a piece of javascript, giving you the power to do as much as your coding ability allows, such as removing fields.

Maximising conversion rates

Adding a form tracking tool to your existing arsenal of CRO tools can help you get a fuller picture of what your visitors are doing on your site and why. The data a form tracking tool can give you is enormously revealing and insightful and making improvements to your form will have a clear and meaningful impact on a businesses’ bottom line.

So why not give Formisimo a try for free and see how it compliments the tools you are currently using. Start tracking your forms.