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[Case Study] Small changes lead to a 55% increase in conversions (on our own site)

Case study

Increasing conversion rates of Formisimo’s sign up page by 55%

We like to try and live by the principles that we encourage in our users. We’re constantly trying to test and improve our site to maximise conversions, so I’d like to share with you one example where we utilised our own tool to increase the completion rate of our sign up page.

The original

This was our original sign up form:


Relatively short, but there is always room to improve!

We noticed that over a two month period, our password repeat field (upassrpt below) was responsible for over a quarter of all the people that abandoned our sign up process:


Although not the most corrected field in our form, there were hundreds of corrections made by our visitors in Confirm Password, which were re-focuses (clicking back into the field after exiting it), plus deletes (deleting the whole password to re-enter it no doubt):

After reading a fantastic article by Jessica Enders at Formulate on double entry of information, we thought we’d try out a variation. We’d added in the second password field more out of  common practice than a deliberate decision (i.e. lots of our users were incorrectly entering their password and having to reset it later, which was not the case). So we decided to drop the second field.

Luke W has also written about the usability of password fields , so we decided to try out adding the ability to toggle making the password visible.

We went on to make some additional changes to the form:

  • Removing the number in the top left, as it implied there were multiple sign up steps, which there were not. The number ‘2’ simply displayed on the confirmation page
  • Changing the text at the top and replacing it with the the more powerful ‘Start tracking your forms’.
  • We also changed the colour of the call to action button to a brighter orange.

The new version

After the changes we had the following:


There were no other major changes the sign up page in terms of imagery and text, which was pretty minimal to start with.

In the two months leading up to the changes, our conversion rate of visits to the sign up page to completions was 15.8%. We also like to include to conversion rate of those that start the form (as an indicator of how easy it is to complete), which was 45%. Here’s a screenshot taken from Formisimo’s overview report for the previous sign up page for a two month period:


Some other important stats taken from Formisimo for this period:

  • It took users a median time of 43 seconds to complete the form
  • The median number of corrections per form starter was 10.21
  • The password request rate per new user was 10%

Here’s the overview graph from the updated sign up page for the subsequent two months:


For the new version:

Our overall conversion rate was 24.7% for the two month period. The form’s completion rate was now 61%.

  • The median number of corrections per start dropped to 7.76
  • The median time to complete remained at 43 seconds
  • The password reset request rate remained at 10%

The results

So, as a result of the changes we made, we experienced:

  • 14.3% more visitors starting the form after visiting the page
  • A 56.3% increase in overall conversions
  • A 35.5% increase in the proportion of those who start the form completing it
  • A 23.9% decrease in the  number of corrections made in the form

These changes also did not mean our users had to spend a significant amount of extra time in the form, or caused any increase in the password reset request rate.

It was great progress, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re split testing another version of the sign up page, so I will be sure to keep you posted on the results.

What we do know though, is that the insights that Formisimo gave us provided us with a starting point to improve our form, and then to measure the result with more depth and precision than we could have otherwise. We believe that the world needs better forms, and we want to provide the data to help people get there.

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