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Checkout Design and How to Create Fans – Whitepaper Part 2

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Part 2 of the whitepaper, Optimising Ecommerce Sites, is now ready to download. Get all the tips on Checkout Design and How to Create Fans.

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Part 1, subtitled Increasing Conversions and Customer Happiness, looked at site elements such as design, copy and imagery. I also discussed psychology, how your customers think and how to effectively appeal to them. This led up to the point of conversion, the moment of getting to the checkout.

Part 2 continues the theme of conversions and customer happiness, moving into what happens at the checkout and after the conversion. Learn how to build loyalty through the sales process – you’ll have happier customers and a higher conversion rate.

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The whitepaper contains two main sections:

  1. Checkout design
  2. Customer relationship nurturing

This whitepaper details the factors that cause checkout abandonment. You’ll gain actionable tips on how to improve the user experience of your checkout form. Get started now by downloading the concluding part of our whitepaper on Optimising Ecommerce Sites.

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