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57% Increase in Form Conversions for International University [Case Study]

Case study
INTI International University and Colleges (INTI) increased the conversion rate of their campaign forms by 57% using Formisimo. The increase in goal conversion rate shows the value of high quality data analytics.

About INTI

INTI logo

INTI is part of the Laureate International Universities network that spans 28 countries and online, with more than 80 accredited universities and 130 campuses, serving over 1,000,000 students globally.

They tasked digital marketing agency, Clicks2Customers, to optimise their paid search campaigns.

The Challenge

INTI’s online forms were not performing well. So few site visitors to the form were starting it, and fewer still were completing it, that the conversion rate was barely above zero at 0.42%.

Form analytics overview for INTI

Urgent action was required to increase conversions on the site.

INTI had 3 goals:

  1. Optimize Campaign Performance
  2. Increase Conversion Rate
  3. Decrease Form-Fill Drop-off

Despite extensively optimising their campaigns already, it was obvious more work was needed to improve the ROI of INTI’s campaigns.

The original forms received 10’s of 1000s of visitors per month, so changing them was risky. However, the forms did not convert well. Optimisation began on the information request form, shown below, which had a conversion rate of 1.33%.

Original information request form of INTI

Gathering more information

While there was clearly room for improvement, INTI wanted more insight into what problems the form had and how its conversion rate would best be improved before making any changes.

Only specialised form analytics could collect the data they needed for successful optimisation.

Why Formisimo?

Formisimo was chosen to conduct an in-depth investigation of INTI’s forms because it allows users to look at each individual form field on a granular level – which isn’t possible with any other tool.

We are the market-leader for form analytics. Our 54 metrics will show you exactly where your biggest problems are. You don’t need to perform complicated data analysis to begin making improvements.

Formisimo revealed interesting user behaviour patterns in INTI’s forms. These insights boosted their campaign results.

Significant insights

Very few website visitors who saw the form started filling it out, just 5%.

Covnersions from visits to starters on form

This could indicate that users aren’t ready to fill out the form yet or that the form itself is unclear and so dissuades users from interacting with it.

The name and email address fields along with the Submit button accounted for the highest rate of abandonment by users, as shown in the Drop Off reports below.

INTI dropoff pie chart

Easily identify problem fields in your form

INTI dropoff table

See a breakdown of the dropoffs in each element of the form

Further investigation on other behavioural metrics showed that users were spending a long time in the fields with the highest dropoffs and that users went back to correct information in those fields most often.

Field by field analysis of INTI's information request form

Small changes, big uplift

The most significant change to this form was the change around the call to action. The analytics showed that 12.73% of drop offs occurred on the Submit button. By changing the button copy from Enquire Now to Submit Request, the team aimed to prompt users to take action.

They also removed the additional calls to action, situated directly beneath the form submission button to avoid mixed messages and potential confusion.

Read more about how to improve Submit buttons to reduce form abandonment.

Changes to the form fields themselves were minimal but INTI did also change the holding text in the course options dropdown from Please Select to Select Programme, making the purpose of the field clearer.

The result

Based on these insights, two design variants were tested against the original form design, with Variant 2 performing 57% better than the original in multivariate tests.

AB Testing data chart

The new version of the information request form now converts at 2.09%, up from 1.33%.

Origianl and new form_conversion rates increase

The real numbers represented by this uplift are significant for INTI and their potential students:

“Given that the form received 22,245 sessions over the 24 days that the experiment ran – In 1 year the Original form would have generated 1490 conversions.
Variation 2, however, would have generated 2373 conversions.”
– Roscoe Segers, Clicks2Customers.

That’s nearly 1000 more people getting the information they need.


INTI were wary of the risk of changing their forms without proper evidence that conversions could be increased by implementing a new design. Gathering granular data at form-field level enabled the optimisation team to design the best possible solutions to test.

This resulted in the improved forms outperforming the old ones by 57%, raising the conversion rate on the information request form to 2.09%.

The impact of the increased conversion rate directly translated into increased revenue for INTI.

Note: Since achieving this uplift, INTI have also implemented changes that address the poor performance of the Name and Email address fields.

What the optimisation team say

“Using Formisimo, we pinpointed form-fill deficiencies on INTI campaign landing pages. With that data we were able to apply fixes that subsequently achieved a staggering 57% improvement in goal conversion rate.” – Roscoe Segers, Digital Analyst and UX Professional at Clicks2Customers.

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