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Feature Update: Form Tracking Setup Has Changed


Formisimo is the easiest way to track a critical part of your website – the online checkout and online forms that your customers complete. Understand what your website visitors are doing with our powerful analytics reports.

We’ve made it even easier to start tracking your forms by improving the setup process – it now takes less time using our beautiful new interface.

If you don’t already have an account you can sign up now.

To set up tracking on a form, log in to Formisimo and click the ‘Add New Experiment’ button on the dashboard. You’ll be greeted by our new Welcome page, explaining the three main steps of the process. Click the ‘Get started now’ button.

Add New Experiment welcome page

Step 1 – Add the Formisimo code to your site

To track what visitors do, we ask that you add two small pieces of Javascript to your website:

  1. On the page where the form/checkout sits.
  2. On the “Confirmation / Thank you” page for your site.

If you use a Tag Manager then this process will take less than sixty seconds. If you have access to your site’s code base then it’s still easy to add both lines of code. When this has been completed you can move to the next step.

Easily email the code to your developer

If you need your developer to complete this step, you can email the instructions to them from within the app.

code snippets and calls to action underneath

Click ‘Email the code to my developer’, then enter the developer’s name and email address. We’ll email them the code, along with instructions on how to install it and we’ll let them know this is a task from you.

Send the code form

Step 2 – Choose the form/checkout to track

Enter the website address of the page of your form or checkout – we’ll show you a list of all the different forms on that page, and you can choose the one to track.

Provide URL form field

Formisimo works seamlessly with almost every form or checkout, but if there’s an issue we’ll pop up a message. You can contact the team using our LiveChat or helpdesk if there are any concerns.

Remember if you haven’t added the code to your site you’ll see the message “We couldn’t find the tracking code on that page” but you’ll still be able to complete the setup process.

If we can detect both a form and the tracking code we’ll give you a high five.

High Five! We've found some forms!

Step 3 – Adjust Settings

We display a list of all the forms on the web page you provided, making it easy for you to click and choose the one you want to track.

We’ve also made it easy to track a form that we can’t see – for example where the website is currently behind a firewall, on a staging server or drawn in dynamically via AJAX. You can select “Type your own form name/id” and then enter one, or both, of these, exactly as they appear in the HTML.

List of forms detected

Formisimo is highly flexible, you can put the code on all the pages to pick up the form in multiple places on your site. So, you can track a form across your whole domain, a very specific webpage with potential for a query string or, our recommendation, tracking anything beginning with the URL you’ve given.

Options of URL to track form on

Lastly, give your experiment a name.

Experiment name field

Don’t forget to hit ‘Finish’ to save your experiment and start collecting data.

Once the tracking and conversion code has been added to your site you’ll be able to log in to Formisimo and see who is in your online forms by using our Real Time report. We carry out our number-crunching at midnight, and that’s when you’ll be able to see data within all your other reports.

To start optimising your forms sign up for a free trial or log in to Formisimo.

Formisimo is evolving by the day, you can have your say on how it works. We’d love hear from you about your experience of using the tool. To give feedback on the changes to Add New Experiment, or any other feature in the tool, email us at bonjourno@formisimo.com.