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Fast, easy-to-install and in-depth form analytics

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Industry influencers have included us on their “top Analytics tools” lists but what exactly makes Formisimo the top choice for form analytics? You’re probably weighing up your options. Do I need form analytics? Couldn’t I set it up myself? This post explains why our current customers chose Formisimo over any other tool and why they continue to trust us to help them improve their forms.

Installation speed

Formisimo is incredibly fast to install. We can start tracking your forms in 60 seconds.

How can we be this fast?

To track your forms, you only need to add one line of JavaScript code to the web page where the form sits. Then one other line of JavaScript to the completion page. That’s it. From that point on we’ll draw data from that page.

When you set up a new form to track we’ll be able to associate that with the data we’re receiving to produce detailed reports.

High five! We found some forms!

“High Five! We found some forms!” Tracking a new form in app.

In contrast, setting up form tracking in Google Analytics takes forever and ever, weeks even, due to the developer time needed to implement it.

Formisimo is just plain fast.

Fast on your site

Our tiny JavaScript is delivered using Cloudfront, the Amazon content delivery network, so it’s millisecond fast.

This means that even though we’re collecting lots and lots of data, we never slow your site down. In fact, we track and record billions of rows of data in less than 50 milliseconds. Blink and you’ve missed it.

In-depth analytics

We were recently included in ConversionXL’s list of best tools for conducting conversion optimisation.

“Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts”. – Peep Laja

While we’re delighted an expert like Peep enjoys using Formisimo. Below you’ll see the depth of information our reports provide.

What analytics data will I see?

Overview report showing starters and conversions

Formisimo overview report

All customers have access to Formisimo’s full suite of reports. These are:

  • An overview of your form’s performance, showing visits, starters and conversions.
  • The ability to segment by device i.e. mobile and tablet.
  • Real Time Statistics (more on this below).
  • Completion Time.
  • Fields Before Submission.
  • Field Times.
  • Popular Dropoff.
  • Most Corrected Fields.
  • Problem Fields.

The reports include both visual displays of data and tables of figures that relate to each form field.

For example, in the Popular Dropoffs report:

Popular dropoffs report
  1. Drop off %: percentage of form visitors drop off in this field.
  2. Drop offs: actual number of drop offs associated with that field.
  3. % of Total Drop Offs: The number of drop offs in this field as a percentage of total form drop offs.
  4. Each form field is given an overall health score so you get the best idea of where to start improving your form.

Take a whistle-stop tour of the app with co-founder, Al Mackin:

Easy integrations

Formisimo integrates with some of your other favourite tools.

Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your site then go you, it’s very handy.

Add Formisimo tracking and conversion code to your website using GTM. Next, set up a new form to track on your Formisimo tracking dashboard. During the setup process, we’ll automatically detect if you’re using Google Tag Manager.


Unbounce is a platform for creating landing pages and testing alternative landing page designs against each other. Formisimo and Unbounce have an official integration, making it super easy to track forms on landing pages, even when you’re testing.

It took me less than a minute to add the conversion and tracking code snippets to a simple landing page I just created in Unbounce. You can see the whole process in the video below:

And just the tracking code, ooh…look how quick that is:

Animation of code being added to a landing page

Fast and easy-to-add code to landing pages

Real time analytics

Real Time Statistics is a feature that displays data about how visitors are currently interacting with your form; showing what fields they’re in and what action they’re taking.

Watch Real Time Statistics updating:

Real Time Statistics report updating

You’ll get information on:

  • The number of users currently on your checkout or form.
  • Which fields are currently being interacted with and what action is being taken:
  • table of user in field and last action
  • The number of recent conversions
  • The number of recent form drop offs

By watching visitors to your form in real time you can identify problems as they are happening. Our customers love to keep this report open in the office for all departments to see.

Future plans will see us make even greater use of our real time data, with bigger benefits for ecommerce site owners in particular.

A team ready to help you do your best

Our customer champions are just that, champions for our customers. All customers, from those on trial accounts right up to enterprise level, have a real live person to talk to.

The team is on hand to get you up and running with the tool, help you pull data for presentations and discuss how to achieve your goals.

New customers are enrolled in Formisimo Academy, a six-part course that aims to help new users get the most out of Formisimo from the start. The course consists of blog posts, specific to new users of Formisimo.

Formisimo Academy logo

Think Formisimo could be useful in your work? Book a demo or sign up for a free trial now.