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Formisimo launches 3 new features


We constantly strive to improve Formisimo. Recently we launched segmentation, and now we are really happy to announce that we’ve improved four different areas of Formisimo – the experiment set up process, IP blocking, overview and we have added a brand new report, Problem Fields.

Problem Fields page

Time, Corrections and Drop offs are three key stats in determining whether a field is causing your visitors pain. If a single field in your online form or checkout takes users longer to complete, and they make many errors in it, or users abandon the process, you need to take a careful look at it and think of ways in which you can try and improve that field, or remove it entirely.

Formisimo already has separate reports that give you in depth information on all of these issues within your form, but we’ve now created a new report that combines all of these to give you the clearest indication yet of where your form requires attention.

The Problem Fields report can be found under Form Issues on the left hand side when you are viewing an experiment:

Problem fields

The report gives you a table with the relevant figures in, and then displays them graphically above. Each field’s horizontal bar will be a combination of data on Drop Offs, Time and Corrections, and indicate how much of the total that field is responsible for. Let’s look at an example to illustrate:

Problem fields 2

If we look at the above chart, we can see that the name field appears to be the most problematic. It is responsible for 16% of all the corrections made in the form, 80% of all the time spent interacting with the form and also 30% of the drop offs. Password, though third from the top, is also interesting, and it appears users do not spend time in that field or make corrections in it, but still choose to abandon the form at this point.

If you already have Formisimo installed, this new report can give you new insight on your existing data, further empowering you to make changes and improvements to your form and increasing the conversion rates of your site.

If you have yet to try Formisimo, it has now reached the end of its beta period, but you can sign up for an account here.

New Overview Page

We’ve given our experiment overview page an overhaul, so you can now easily see how your online form or checkout process is performing faster than ever before.

The overview graph now not only measures visits to your form over time, but also displays the number of visitors who start interacting with your form and those that complete it, all in one graph:

Overview new
The added benefit of this graph is that you can also toggle which stats you wish to see, so that you can focus only on conversions over time, for instance.

Overview - conversion only

As before, you can also see the success rate of your form by country and by device at a glance:

Overview - fails

We’ve also added two new rather lovely pie charts to show you the fields that cause the most drop offs and corrections by users:

Overview donuts

These also link to the drop off report and corrections report respectively, provided your account package allows you access to the report.

We’re always trying to present data as insightfully as possible to make it easy for you, our users, to understand the data, so we are sure that these new data visualisations will help.

IP Blocking

 You can now exclude IP addresses from your data, so that you only view data from your visitors.

To set up IP blocking, you need to open up your form tracking experiment, and then click on edit experiment:

Edit Experiment 3

You can then either manually enter an IP address, or simply click the Block Current IP to automatically detect your IP and exclude this data. You can also block all IPs within a range.

IP Block

Once you have finished, simply click Add IP Block and the data will be excluded from your reports.


We think these new features further add to the usefulness and insight given by Formisimo. Let us know how you get on with these!