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Formisimo, now with advanced segmentation: even more detail on how visitors interact with your online forms

Form Optimisation

Formisimo launches advanced segmentation – break down your form visitors by country, browser, device and whether visitors completed your form or abandoned it.

We’ve taken feedback from our hundreds of beta users and the feature you wanted to see most was segmentation.  Analytics professionals will know that different customer types will behave differently on a site, and the same applies to online forms. Understanding how these different types of visitor interact will inform your decisions and help you increase your conversion rates by tailoring the experience to users.signup

We are delighted to announce that Formisimo now allows you to segment on four different variables:

  1. Country
  2. Device (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  3. Browser
  4. Whether the visitor completed or abandoned the form

You can filter your data by one of these, or have multiple filters active at the same time to segment your data in greater detail. How do users in Brazil, on a desktop computer, using Firefox interact with your form? Now, you can find out.

How does Segmentation work?

The segmentation feature sits on the left when you are viewing one of your experiments just above the Formisimo reports:


If you hover over the different segmentations, the options are displayed as a drop down:

Segmentation - drop down

And for different browsers:

Segmentation - drop down 2

The list of countries is generated by those that have interacted with your form (so you can’t select data from countries that have not visited your site). This will then change the data across all reports instantly, so you see only information on the users who relate to that segment.

Let’s say you have chosen to view only the visitors to this page from the United States:

Segmentation - country

If you are a global brand, you will want to optimise forms for all of your potential customers, not just in one region. Being able to see the data from a particular country will allow you to make changes to your form to suit visitors from different regions around the world.

You can see your current active segmentations above the segmentation section. You can then remove any current segmentations (by clicking the trash can), or add further ones. For instance, if you wanted to see just data on visits from the United States on a mobile:

Segmentation - country and device

The stats across all of your reports on this form change – you can review the number of successful completions of the form, the average time to complete, the number of errors made and more for that segment.  If you want to remove either of the above filters, or add a new one, you can do so at the click of a button; you do not have to reload the page, or run another report. This allows you to quickly change between subsections of your data and compare behaviour across dozens of different configurations of segmentations (depending on the number of countries that your visitors are from, there may actually be thousands).

How will this data inform decision making?

Comparing the behaviour on visitors on mobile devices to those on desktop is vital, as more and more transactions and browsing takes place on mobile devices. Your form may be more difficult to fill out; users may make more errors, or be more impatient with it and leave at an earlier stage of filling it out.

For example:

Segmentation - corrections

Visitors to this form make an average of 2.15 errors when interacting with the form. Comparing this to mobile users:

Segmentation - corrections - mobile

We can see they make almost twice as many mistakes.  This simple statistic can inform a series of decisions about how your form appears for users on mobile devices.

The same reasoning applies for different browsers; are you sure your form and the surrounding imagery and functionality works equally for all browsers? And does this affect your conversion rates?

This new level of data segmentation will let our users get even more valuable information on how visitors interact with their forms, and improve them accordingly. The segmentation is easy to use, requires no additional set up from you, and allows you to look at different and very specific segments of your visitors at the click of a button. We hope you enjoy it, and as always, let us know any thoughts or feedback. (Email me at tom@formisimo.com)

Segmentation is now active for all Formisimo.com beta users – sign up today to our free beta and start optimising your form conversion rates.