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Formisimo >>> Zuko


Five years ago we created the market-leading Form Analytics platform. Thousands of companies have trusted Formisimo to deliver form behavioural data, and in turn, we’ve delivered significant increases in conversion rates. From travel sites to e-commerce, financial services to education, Formisimo revealed optimisation opportunities in forms and checkouts in a way that no other platform could. We’ve become a critical part of organisations marketing stacks.

Over time our customers have asked us to add even more features to Formisimo. Sometimes this was easy, but at other times we hit a roadblock and had to delay. Turning millions of behavioural data points into easy-to-digest insight is a complex task, but adding new features and visualisations shouldn’t be.

We recognised that our platform was holding us back, and two years ago we started building a completely new tracking and reporting platform (Zuko). Zuko would give us a foundation that allowed us to add new features quickly (it turns out, really quickly).

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Formisimo >>> Zuko

Zuko is our next generation form analytics platform. We’ve taken all of our learnings, and all customer feedback, and created a new way to measure form behaviour. It has all the great form analytics reports in Formisimo, but we’ve added many new visualisations and some amazing features (including custom segmentation and custom events, behavioural alerting and many more). And we’re adding new features and visualisations on a fortnightly basis.

As Zuko is more powerful, faster and has more features than Formisimo we’ve stopped onboarding customers on to our legacy platform. You may have ended up on this page as you’re interested in using Formisimo. Make the jump over to the Zuko site and explore the amazing platform features.

What’s different in Zuko

From tagging to reporting everything is better in Zuko. Our integration process is as easy as Formisimo but we’re able to track even more types of forms and elements. We capture more types of behaviour in a form, and we ingest and analyse data in a faster, more efficient way. Within the Zuko reporting interface, you’ll see a big difference between the platforms. Zuko contains more reports, more data and some amazing new features (like our Behavioural Alerting system and Session Explorer).

What this means for new customers

If you’re starting your form optimisation journey with us then we’ll show you the Zuko platform. We’ve stopped onboarding companies onto Formisimo.

What this means for current customers

If you’re a user of Formisimo you can speak to your account manager at any point and explore moving to Zuko. You’ll be amazed at the new features. We may decide to sunset the Formisimo platform in the future; if we do we’ll give you plenty of notice.