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Is Data Collected On Your Forms Actionable? Part 2


In the second part of this blog, we take a look at how Formisimo is the only off-the-shelf form analytics platform that provides you with the breadth and depth of actionable insight to take you from confusion to insight to wisdom.

Take a look at the first blog in this series to find out more about how Formisimo encapsulates the entire knowledge pyramid.

Designed to automatically identify and capture meaningful data, Formisimo uses ready-to-go reporting analytics to cleanse your data and extract meaningful metrics.

The powerful system allows you to dive down into the nuances of user behaviour by capturing detailed event data on every field. Clicks, keystrokes, corrections, time spent in each field, final activity before exit and much, much more – it’s all captured no matter how many steps your form contains.

All this detail is presented at the front-end in easy-to-use dashboards that can be interpreted in a matter of seconds.

Formisimo-data-range Image
By providing you with effective data visualisations, Formisimo generates shareable information that’s easy to interpret and leads to actionable insights.

All Formisimo’s reports can be manipulated in just a few seconds to show specific data sets over defined periods of time. You can also cut your data by device type as well as by geography providing you with additional insight.

Want to understand the drop off for a specific field on mobile devices in Europe? No problem. Concerned that a change you made last week to your call to action button isn’t working on desktops? Select your device and time parameters and run the report.

This takes us to the information level of the pyramid. But what about knowledge and wisdom informed by predictive intelligence-based decision making support? Formisimo delivers on this too.

Formisimo Takes You Beyond Insight to Action and Knowledge

Other analytics systems abandon their users at this point. But without context for the information you’ve generated, it’s hard to appreciate why it’s important. And this can prevent form optimisation projects from moving forwards in the most effective way.

Let’s say your reports reveal that 20% of people are failing to click your form’s submit button. Without wider context it’s difficult to know what that means. Is this good, bad, average? Is this a priority fix or something that can left for another day?

In this situation, a benchmark often provides useful context for your data. If you know that a good conversion rate is 40%, you’ve got a problem. If standard conversion rates are 10% then you’re doing something right.

Formisimo does this by comparing the events data from your form analytics with that of other firms in your industry. This intelligence is used to create a field health score for each field on your form. You’ll also be presented with an actionable table that uses a traffic light system to identify the items in your form to fix first.

But Formisimo doesn’t stop there. Not only can the software help you see that 20% of users are failing to submit but it can help you understand why that might be. For example, the software might capture multiple attempts to click the button indicating that the button might be too small.

By providing detailed data that can be layered and cross-referenced in this way, Formisimo is the only platform on the market to provide actionable analytics. This is a far cry from free or cheap form analytics software that leaves you floundering in data, with no real insight or direction of travel.

The benefits of adding Formisimo to your UX toolkit don’t stop there.

Download your free ebookThe longer you use Formisimo, the more data and insight you’ll amass. As you A/B test your form changes, Formisimo will be on hand to help you evaluate the impact of those changes.

Over time these additional insights will generate increasing levels of knowledge amongst your team which will drive further insight creating a positive feedback loop, continuous form improvement and delivering ongoing ROI.

Big data was supposed to be the solution to all your business problems. But without the right tools, bigger isn’t always better.

Formsimo is the only off-the-shelf form analytics platform that takes you from billions of events data points to insight and optimisation via actionable analytics. Instead of spending days creating your own suite of reports in free or low-cost tools, Formisimo takes care of everything for you. By cutting through the noise with its easy-to-understand dashboards and reports it’s a small step to taking action, improving your forms and your bottom line.