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Knowlarity Boost Conversions by 11% [Case Study]

Case study

Using Formisimo, telecoms giant Knowlarity increased their conversions on a key signup page by 11%. Here’s how:

Who are Knowlarity?

Knowlarity are a multi-million dollar telecoms business who emerged in 2009, later securing funding from Sequoia Capital. Other companies in the Sequoia Capital family include Apple, AirBnB, Youtube and Whatsapp.

Knowlarity originated in India, they are now the largest cloud telephony company with 65,000 customers in 65 countries. Their systems can process over a million calls per hour.

The form

One of Knowlarity’s services is to offer companies global toll free numbers. They use a lead generation landing page to market this service. Visitors can complete the form to request a callback:


This page is vital in generating new leads and as such, making sure that visitors to this page complete the form is paramount. They realised that Formisimo could help them understand user behaviour on the form, giving them the data needed to optimise the form and increase conversions.

Using Formisimo

Though a simple form, we at Formisimo know there is always room for improvement. Their form contained four fields:

Using Formisimo, Knowlarity found that the ‘Company Name’ field accounted for 18% of form drop offs. This illustrated an unwillingness by potential customers to share that information with Knowlarity at the signup stage. Although Knowlarity may have found that information useful it was losing them signups.

18% dropoff at Company Name field

So, Knowlarity simply removed the field, realising it was not essential at this stage of the process. The resulting form was even shorter:

The result?

This small change resulted in an uplift in conversions of 11%.

What can you learn?

If your form is a lead generation form it should be kept as short as possible. Avoid asking for information at this stage that can be gathered later. As we can see in this case study, asking a potential signup for a company name caused them to reconsider completing the form.

As signups are the main aim of a lead generation form, anything that reduces its success should be cut. Knowlarity quickly gained 11% more conversions from the form after they cut out the Company Name field.


Using insights from Formisimo, Knowlarity were able to identify exactly which field in their form was experiencing the most drop offs. This was a great example of a form field that sought information that could actually be postponed until later.

Lead generation forms should be kept to essential contact information only.

Knowlarity’s Experience

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