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New Feature – The Ideas Centre

Form Optimisation

From right this second, Formisimo users have a whole new resource to help them optimise their forms. It’s called Ideas and it’s full of articles and guides to help you develop ideas for improvements.

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Ideas Centre Homepage

How it works

After looking at your reports you probably see some problem areas in your form that you want to tackle. For ideas on how to do that, go to Ideas on the top navigation bar.

There you can filter the articles by subject area, time-to-read and by the key problem that you’re trying to fix.

We want to give you an extra boost to improve your online conversion rates.

Using a combination of

  • data-driven decisions, possible using your form analytics reports, and
  • expert advice, now available in the Ideas Centre

you’ll be able to make impactful changes to your online form that improve your customers’ user experience.

We want to help you get the most insight out of your form analytics. The Ideas Centre is where you’ll find practical guides for using analytics and interpreting your reports. It also includes more information on optimisation and best practice to help you develop theories to test.


Animation of filtering in Ideas Centre

Search by the problem

To find advice on a problem that your form is currently suffering from e.g. a high drop off rate or low number of starters, use the filters on the right hand side of the page.

Search by category

The Ideas Centre also contains articles that can be grouped by interest category such as user experience and ecommerce site optimisation.

Narrow articles by read time

Looking for a quick sound bite of information? We’ve got Ideas that only take a minute to read. For a full article on a specific topic, choose a read time of five minutes or more. You can also search for long-form guides and videos that will take 20 minutes to read or watch. Use these longer Ideas to develop optimisation strategies.

The Ideas Centre is available to all of our users, and can be accessed via the top navigation menu when you are logged into Formisimo.

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We’d love to hear if you find the articles useful and any suggestions for new topics that you need. Comment below or email us. and also if you have any suggestions for new topics.