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New Feature – Multi-form funnels

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many Formisimo users have forms that have multiple steps to them. Multiple steps mean each form must be set up as a separate tracking event, which means analytics for that sequence of steps appear in separate reports. This may be an online booking process, checkout or lead generation form.

In response, we’ve launched a new feature allowing you to connect the analytics from related forms into a multi-form funnel.

What does this mean for me?

You can now group multiple forms into a single funnel and see the performance of each form, and the funnel as a whole. This allows you to discover and focus on the points of your funnel where you lose the most visitors.

If you’re tracking two or more forms in Formisimo, it’s easy to set up a funnel in your dashboard:

Your funnels area in Formisimo dashboard

How to create a new funnel

Choose either ‘Create New Funnel’ or ‘Set up a multi-form funnel’ to get started. You’ll be able to give each funnel a name and select the forms you want to link in that funnel. A funnel requires a minimum of two steps, and you can add more if you have additional forms.

Animation of setting up funnel tracking

Once you’ve set up your funnel, you can view the number of visits, form starters and completions for each step, as well as the number of people that abandon your form:

The multi-form funnel overview report

You’ll immediately see which step in your funnel is the most problematic for your users, and where the biggest drop in potential customers is. You can then easily navigate to more detailed reports for each step and discover why visitors are exiting at each stage.

Create as many funnels as you need to get the fullest insights into your connected forms.

You can get started right away by logging in. We’d also love to hear how you get on using this powerful new feature!

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