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Our Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2015


Catch up with our most popular content. These 10 posts, written in the last 12 months, hit a chord with readers searching for a variety of topics, including growth hacking, user experience, form analytics, form design and conversion optimisation.

Count-down of the top 10 blog posts of 2015

No.10: Growth Hacking Lessons For Established Businesses

Growth hacking refers to growing a new business in the most effective way with a limited budget. However, I’ve identified six strategies of growth hackers, aka growth marketers, that will benefit established businesses too.

Sean Ellis commented,

“Pretty good article for how established businesses should be thinking about growth hacking”

Ready to apply growth hacking techniques to your business?

No.9: 5 Examples of Dark Patterns On Airline Sites

‘Dark patterns’ is a term for designing a path that leads users to an action you want them to take without providing clarity about all their available options.

“Dark patterns take into account human psychology and use it against the visitor.” – Manuel da Costa

This post explores five examples of dark patterns in the booking systems of British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, Ryanair, easyJet and Aer Lingus.

No.8: Form Analytics: Measuring Field Abandonment

Find out what you could learn about your conversion data and how users behave in your form.

“If you don’t know what the lost opportunity is then you won’t know how to shift that metric or consumer behaviour”, Craig Sullivan, Optimal Visit.

No.7: Interviewing Growth Hackers: David Arnoux

David Arnoux is a growth evangelist at Amsterdam growth hacking agency, Growth Tribe, and co-founder of collaboration platform, Twoodo. When we shared this interview with him earlier this year lots of you loved what he had to say, sharing this quote multiple times on social media:

David Arnoux - Growth Hacker

The best growth hackers are ushering in a new movement of data and code based marketing.

Learn from David’s own experience and find out his recommendations for achieving success with growth hacking techniques.

No.6: 12 CRO Pros Share Their Secret To Optimisation Success

I asked conversion optimisation professionals such as Brian Massey and Joanna Wiebe, who are internationally respected, two questions:

Q.1: What’s the no.1 step in your optimisation process?
Q.2: Has CRO changed over time?

Brian Massey quote "golden age of data collection"

See what they said and what you can learn standing on the shoulders of giants.

No.5: 5 Lessons to Learn From Tesco’s Online Forms

Tesco’s sign up form and checkout form show good and bad user experiences that you can learn from.

Quincy Smith suggested this improvement for Tesco’s online grocery service:

They should also offer recurring deliveries like Amazon, huge plus for stuff I use every week like milk and eggs.

No.4: 5 User Experience Mistakes Travel Sites Make

42% of UK and 48% of US travellers experience frustration with online travel sites.

Travel and hospitality sites have low conversion rates (2.2% on average, rising to 3.7% on the best sites).

Find out why users are struggling on these sites and get tips on to avoid these user experience mistakes on your own site.

No.3: 7 Best Ways To Decrease Your Form Abandonment Rate

Find out why users abandon forms (we’ve got lots of stats) and read seven ways to improve your form to reduce its abandonment rate, including No. 5 Be as transparent as possible.

Unexpected costs were cited as the number one reason for abandoning the checkout according to Visual Website Optimizer’s Ecommerce Survey 2014.

Reducing abandonment at the end of the funnel means avoiding drop offs by your most primed potential customers. Don’t waste your website traffic on drop offs.

No.2: Why Are Drop-downs And Select Boxes Bad For Forms?

Did you know…

…drop-down menus and select boxes can hurt the user experience and in some cases make your form unusable.

In the report below the worst drop-down field only scores 5% in the health rating (a score we assign based on several user behaviour metrics).

Dropoffs report in Formisimo

This post was the second most popular content published this year. It was also the most shared. Find out why by reading the post in full.

No.1: Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics

This post provides statistics on cart abandonment rates from 33 global studies and our insights, gathered from 2 billion data points. This data is specific to ecommerce conversions.

Global annual revenue from ecommerce amounted to $1.3 trillion in 2014. The average ecommerce conversion rate in 2014 was 68.07%, giving an average loss of 32%. Take a look at the graph showing the value of abandoned carts in the last 3 years:

Year Revenue Value of Abandoned Carts
2013 $1.077 trillion $3.365 trillion
2014 $1.316 trillion $4.112 trillion
2015 predicted $1.592 trillion $4.975 trillion

Source: eMarketer

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Our most popular content ever

Of course, our older content is quite popular. Our most read blog post of all time is Do Not Untick This Box If You Do Not Want To Not Receive Updates.

The title echoes the subject matter, that of complicated opt-out messaging i.e. sites that subscribe you to their mailing list unless you ‘opt-out’.

”…even for important and emotive decisions, people tend to go for the default option.”

The post was written by Formisimo’s co-founder Tom, who was compelled to write the piece to show how frustrating language that tricks can be. Tom explores the pros and cons of both opt-in and opt-out styles of subscribing customers to marketing contact. Find out what’s right for you and your customers, read about opt-in vs. opt-out list building.

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