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Recent changes and improvements to Formisimo


Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing here at Formisimo in the last few months (in that time we’ve tracked over two billion interactions).

Developing a new way to track form behaviour

Some forms are complex, and our traditional tracking process doesn’t capture all of the data. We’ve developed a new way to track forms, and we call it Form Keys. By adding the following attribute to your form tag we can latch onto it at every page load. It’s an easy, but very powerful way to ensure that you’re capturing all of your form behaviour data.


Sometimes it’s not straightforward to change the code on your site, so we’ve also developed a way that you can deploy an attribute through a tag manager. Your account manager will be able to support you on deploying this.

Making it easier for power users

We’ve made the date selection in app sticky – set it once and when you change reports the date range will stay with you.

New beta features

We have a couple of features in beta – if these sound interesting get in contact with your account manager to request access:

  • Enterprise customers can now request batch downloading of deep (interaction level) data.
  • We’ve launched “session-persistence”. A solution for forms that refresh mid form-fill (for example when a zip/postcode address lookup takes the user away from the form)

Squashing bugs

We’ve squashed many bugs – here’s a sample of the more visible ones:

  • Better support for the azurewebsites.net domains
  • Fixed UTF-8 support in all charts
  • Added support for exclamation marks in URLs
  • Added support for periods in form HTML attributes
  • Allowed the selection of more than 40 forms on the plans page
  • We noticed that our Fails by Country data wasn’t segmenting properly when you chose to see just mobile, tablet or desktop traffic. We’ve fixed this.

Hiding fields from Formisimo

Sometimes you don’t want fields to appear in your report – so now if you add the following attribute to those fields Formisimo will ignore them.


A faster Formisimo

Finally we’ve done a lot to optimise the code that runs Formisimo: here are some of the cooler optimisations we’ve made:

  • We’ve increased the scope of the data precomputation layer – this means that the application has less to do when you’re looking at your reports making it faster to load and navigate.
  • We’ve streamlined our logging, reducing overhead system wide.
  • We now use compression when transmitting, caching and storing incoming data. This means data ingress is quicker – you can see the difference in the real time stats report
  • We’ve optimised the batch processing side of our lambda architecture to reduce the size of the required live data window. This means our databases can be smaller and everything is faster with smaller databases.