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Shop Direct works with Formisimo to boost sales

Case study
Shop Direct Website image

Shop Direct is the UK’s fourth largest online retailer, with annual sales of more than £1.7 billion. Their digital department store brands include Very.co.uk, which is now a £800 million brand, and it receives over a million website visits every day.

Shop Direct was also the first UK retailer to open an in-house UX lab, so they’re a forward thinking company that care about customer experience and how it impacts on the sales process.

Two months ago Shop Direct approached us to help them understand how visitors to Very.co.uk, and the newly launched VeryExclusive.co.uk, use their online checkout process. Getting your online forms and checkout right is critical, as they’re the end point in the buying process. On average 67% of potential buyers who start the checkout process don’t complete it, and checkout abandonment is getting worse.

Shop Direct head of user experience, Sam Barton said: “Formisimo is a great product that has helped us better understand user behaviour in the registration and checkout stages of our online journey.”

UX labs are a great way to understand user behaviour, and Shop Direct use their in-house lab to understand how real customers engage with their websites. What they’ve found is that the data from Formisimo matches the data from the real world.

“We found that the insight matched and complemented the results we get in our testing labs, validating the data. It’s easy to use, and has an impact on both our customer happiness and sales volumes.”

Sales and revenue are the ultimate KPI for an online business, but the User Experience has such a profound effect on your ability to convert a customer. Beyond the initial sale, User Experience also influences the customer to come back to your website and buy again. Not every transaction is a good one, some are so painful that the user won’t shop from that site again. Shop Direct focus on giving customers a great shopping experience, and Formisimo has helped them to improve that.

“Cutting edge innovations like Formisimo and our UX lab help us get closer to our customers and take even more of the guesswork out of online retail. Using data to inform our site design and experience helps us deliver a far more intuitive shopping experience.”

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