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Some top resources on form design and optimisation that we’ve found recently

Form Optimisation

Hi form lovers! We spend our days, night and weekends surfing through lots of fantastic form related content, and we’d thought it was time to share with you some great articles we’ve found recently. Not all of these are new, but they are worth a read and have some great tips and advice on improving your forms. And we all want better forms, so dive in!

Lose that credit card field – Jessica Enders


This a great article about an easy win for shortening your form. When asking for card details in an online checkout, you do not need to ask for card type, as the first numbers on the card will give you this information. This article shows you how.




Less of an article, and more of a different and cool way to ask for credit card details. Read the comments at the bottom for potential changes. For the brave amongst you, worth a try!

12 useful tips for web form optimisation and 10 more tips for optimising web forms – Econsultancy

https://econsultancy.com/blog/62987-12-useful-tips-for-web-form-optimisation and https://econsultancy.com/blog/63028-10-more-tips-for-optimising-web-forms

Two great, quick-read articles from Econsultancy that cover many of the topics we have before, plus some helpful extra ones. Again, the comments section also has some more excellent suggestions. Our favourite tip: disable auto-suggest for tablet and mobile users. This is a personal bugbear of mine, given how hard forms are to complete on mobile.

Web Forms – Keep it Simple, Stupid – High Position


Another short one – key point in this one is to not hack ‘nuke buttons’; those buttons in forms that can obliterate a user’s hard work, inconveniently placed right next to the primary call to action button.

Also, their headline image is too good not to include here:


March Madness… About ESPN’s Password Field – Bad Forms


Bad Forms has been away for a while and always puts a smile on our face, so checkout ESPN’s facepalm-worthy password strength field.

10 simple tips for improving mobile form UX – Econsultancy


A pretty self explanatory headline, but an informative and pertinent article nonetheless. Forms are bad enough for desktop users, and with the unstoppable explosive rise of mobile browsing, you HAVE to get forms right on mobiles.

Have you found any more informative/life changing articles on forms recently? Let us know below!