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Which CRO Conference To Choose?

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Two days ago, Ed Fry asked the Inbound community, “Which CRO conferences are you planning on going to to in 2016?” The question sparked a flurry of answers from keen attendees and speakers. The most popular conferences were quickly revealed, with plenty of commenters explaining the important reasons behind their choice.

Many of the big conferences are trying to secure your Christmas money right now so, it seems like a good time to round up the best conferences happening this year to help you choose.

Conversion World

For accessibility you can’t beat Conversion World which is why it’s my top choice.

Conversion World promo image

A completely online conference on conversion optimisation means you don’t have to move from your house or office to make full use of all the talks. Additionally there is no overlap between talks so you never have to choose, if your eyes, ears and brain can take it, you can fill them with back-to-back talks.

This is only Conversion World’s second year but after the success of last year’s event founder, Manuel da Costa, promised to bring it back.

When?: April 18-20th.

Where?: Online, no travel required.

Who’s speaking?: Even better than not having any travel costs for this conference is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of speakers either. Karl Gillis, who many on the Inbound thread called “a rockstar”, spoke last year.

Jeffrey Eisenberg, author of Buyer Legends, was confirmed as a speaker earlier today. Other speakers in this year’s lineup include Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of Copy Hackers and Jakub Linowski, a user interface designer with Good UI.

How much?: Less than a day left to get an early-bird ticket for $150! After today you’re looking at paying full price.

This is still a really affordable conference. The ticket itself is less than for equivalent speaking events and you don’t have to factor transport and accommodation.

Book your Conversion World ticket here.

Conversion Hotel

Keeping it on this side of the Atlantic for now, we’ve got Conversion Hotel.

Converion Hotel conference attendees

Karl Gillis says of this conference:

Insanely well organized, had very interesting speakers and lots of fun & entertainment.

Not only will you see expert conversion optimisers speak but you’ll also see them DJ as the agenda continues late into the night with serious events.

When?: Not confirmed yet. In previous years the conference has been held in November.

Where?: Texel, The Netherlands.

Who’s Speaking?: There’s no information on 2016 speakers yet but you can register for early bird tickets already.

Last year’s speakers included Harry Brignull aka the guy who coined the term ‘dark patterns’ and is a strong advocate the transparent UX.

Register for early-bird tickets for Conversion Hotel.

Elite Camp

Brought to you by ConversionXL and Dreamgrow. This is kind of a chance to experience a ConversionXL event without travelling to the States. It’s also has a higher concentration of European-based speakers and attendees. For some of you makes sense to make connections closer to home.

Digital Elite camp

When?: July 4th-6th.

Where?: Tallinn, Estonia.

Who speaking?: The aforementioned rockstar, Karl Gillis (revealed in the Inbound thread!) Apart from that tid-bit there isn’t much information about this conference yet. This is a well established speaking event and much-loved by previous attendees. Infact, last year’s conference got a Net Promoter score of +82 so it’s certainly one to watch.

How much?: Tickets for this event aren’t available yet but head to website to put your name on the list to be the first to hear.

Elite Camp 2016 site.

ConversionXL Live

Lots of excitement around this, maybe because it’s being held in a swanky resort but I think that’s just the cherry on top of the whipped cream of a fantastic cake, I mean event.

Michael Aagaard at ConversionXL Live

So many positive things have been said about this conference e.g.

“This conference was particularly great for networking as everyone is in the same location” – Frank Salvatore

”The lineup looks unreal and the format is totally unique.” – Joel Klette

When?: Soon! March 30th to April 1st.

Where?: Near Austin, Texas, USA. I mentioned that it’s being held in a resort, the conference will be at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. The ticket price actually includes

  • transport from Austin,
  • All your meals,
  • Two nights accommodation at the resort over the weekend.

Those lovely ConversionXl people will really taking care of you.

Who speaking?: Jen Havice, a conversion copywriter. Jen persuades users to take action through her copy. She’s data-driven, making her a true conversion optimiser.

Justin Rondeau, a trainer and conversion optimisation manager. He works in both B2B and ecommerce. Justin was also Chief Testing Evangelist at Which Test Won for nearly three years.

Karl Wirth, co-founder of Evergage, a tool that provides real-time personalisation. Personalisation is such a hot topic in CRO, this is sure to be a useful talk.

How much?: $1399. Remember, this includes accommodation, food and some travel. There are promises of swag too.

Tickets available via this link.

CTA conference

This conference by Unbounce won the highest praise and greatest number of people on Inbound saying they’re attending this year.

Peep Laja says of CTA Conference:

“Extremely well-organized, world class speakers. loads of fun, no superficial BS, laid back.”

CTA conference promo image

When?: June 19-21st

Where?: Vancouver, Canada.

How much?: Early tickets at $600CAD are still available as of today but if you want to take advantage then don’t delay, they will go quickly.

Unbounce customers and groups get a discount too.

Who speaking?: The first speakers have been announced and the list includes Rand Fishkin from Moz. Rand’s speaking experience and quality of his knowledge shares is pretty legendary. You can catch him most weeks doing a video presentation called Whiteboard Friday so if you’re not familiar with Rand’s speaking style there’s lots of example right there.

Alongside Rand will be Annie Cushing, founder of Annielytics and Andre Morys, CEO of Web Arts. As Peep Laja said, CTA Conference secure world-class speakers, expect good things.

Book your ticket to CTA Conference.

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