Installing Formisimo is as easy as Google Analytics and our compressed, compacted code should have no adverse effect on your website. When you sign-up you'll be given a short block of javascript to paste in to the footer of your website, This code loads up the Formisimo engine which analyses user behaviour silently in the background but only on the forms that you have specified.

Once installed in the footer of your website the Formisimo engine will load whenever a user visits a page with a form that you want to track.

To make sure your visitors personal details stay personal we don't track the keys they've pressed, just the fact that they have pressed a key and if they entered a letter, number, backspace, delete or cursor key (this helps us understand how they have interacted with fields).

We also track mouse clicks on the form, when a field receives or loses focus and some other types of interactions that a user may have with a form (such as submit buttons).

Advanced Features

Installing and using Formisimo takes only a few minutes but you can enable advanced features to increase the amount of data you can see and your ability to make decisions, and to handle some advanced types of forms. These advanced features are explained in more detail when you login to Formisimo.

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