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Fields Before Submission Report

Understand how optional fields are engaged with prior to conversion

Improve your forms

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Our Fields Before Submission Report shows you...

Screenshot the fields before submission report

See how many fields converters complete

Discover how users complete or ignore optional fields

Forms often contain fields that users don't need to complete. Information is asked for that would be useful, but that isn't required to complete the conversion.

Discover how many fields users actually complete on successful submissions using the Fields Before Submission report. It shows you, on average, how many fields users engage with before a successful conversion event.

Use this data to challenge the number of optional fields in your forms, reducing the length of them and making them faster and easier to complete.

Discover the relationship between device type and filling optional fields using device segmentation, and see how mobile, desktop and tablet users engage with fields that aren't required.

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"If you have forms, you need to analyze their performance. Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts. Useful data, simple interface. It is form analytics that actually works, especially when compared to some mouse tracking tools that have form analytics as one of the many features."
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