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Corrected Fields Report

Find out which fields frustrate your users and cause friction in your forms.

Improve your forms

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Our Corrected Fields Report shows you...

Screenshot of most corrected fields report

See which fields cause friction

The Correction Rate is a fast and easy way to spot friction, reduce it and increase conversions

Labeling, validation, layout and look-and-feel have a big impact on how quickly and easily users can complete your form. The greater the cognitive load then the more likely someone is to leave without completing it.

Formisimo measures every key press a user has within a field, and the Corrected Fields report shows you how users are changing and going back in to fields. See which fields have the most deletes and cursor movements, or see the fields that users go back in to (re-focus) the most.

Measure your journey to reduce form friction using our average correction rate per day chart at the top of the page. Choose any time period, group your data by week or by month and see how your optimisation changes have made it easier for your users to complete your form.

Measure and improve friction on specific devices by using our device segmentation, allowing you to see which fields on mobile have the most refocuses, which fields tablet users delete in the most and what fields have the highest volume of corrections on desktop.

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"If you have forms, you need to analyze their performance. Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts. Useful data, simple interface. It is form analytics that actually works, especially when compared to some mouse tracking tools that have form analytics as one of the many features."
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