Global Checkout Stats

July 2014

Checkout Basket

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Formisimo analyses online checkouts.
We crunched 16,943,096 pieces of data for July 2014, from users in 229 different countries.

Global Checkout Funnel

Users who view a checkout/form

100%(2,129,318 visitors)


Start filling in a checkout/form



Completed Form/Checkout


Completion Rates by Device







Checkout Timings

74 seconds to

5 seconds to
engage with
first field

5.20 average
seconds spent
in each field

Checkout Conversion Rates by Browser





Internet Explorer




Checkout Conversion Rates by Country

Country Name Time to Convert Conversion Rate
United Arab Emirates 296 seconds 20.16%
United States 47 seconds 18.37%
United Kingdom 74 seconds 15.26%
Norway 115 seconds 15.03%
Czech Republic 218 seconds 14.08%
Ireland 74 seconds 13.29%
Nigeria 151 seconds 12.46%
Denmark 95 seconds 12.44%
Finland 111 seconds 11.27%
Brazil 119 seconds 10.59%
France 187 seconds 10.45%

Checkout Conversion Rates by Day of Week

Website conversion rates broken down by day of week

Formisimo is an analytics platform for online checkouts - we show you why your customers are abandoning your online checkout process (we also work for any kind of online form, for example contact forms, sign-up forms).

We gather a huge amount of data every day, and this report is our first way of sharing this information with the outside world. Online checkouts are the critical end point in a buying process, so if we can give you data on how people engage with checkouts we're hoping to make them even better.

If you're wondering how we gather this data it's from our customer base (Don't worry it's all anonymised) - at the time of writing over two thousand companies actively use Formisimo on thousands of online forms and checkouts. When a customer installs the Formisimo JavaScript we track how their customers engage with the online checkout - for the average user completing the average checkout we record over a thousand different pieces of information.

To build the data for this report we query this user data on a global level. At the time of writing we have 2.5billion data points on online checkout usage.

You're welcome to absorb this report and use as you like (please do credit Formisimo with a link if you quote us) but you can also try out Formisimo for free and gather data on what your users are doing in your online checkout. The data we show our individual customers is far more than this report covers, so you can really understand your online checkout abandonment and how to make it even easier for your customers to buy from you (or signup, or contact you).

If you'd like to read more, take a look at this blog that our team created on Shopping Cart Abandonment.

About Formisimo

Formisimo is a unique tool to measure how visitors interact with the forms on your website giving you access to advanced metrics. Increase your site conversion rate and make sure you're making the most out of every website visitor. Read more about the team.

Works with

Formisimo has been tested on WordPress, Magento, PHP, ASP and Zen Cart