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How to use Formisimo

How to start using Form Analytics on your checkout and forms

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Setting up and using Formisimo is easy

We've built the Formisimo platform to install and to use so that you to get access to powerful insights quickly. The faster we get you to insights, the quicker you'll see an increase in your conversion rates, revenue and customer happiness.

Five simple steps to a better form

Screenshot of the Formisimo Field Drop Off Report

Step 1 - Sign up to create a Formisimo account

Sign up to Formisimo. You'll get seven days of data for free, starting when we capture your first form behaviour data point. You can see examples of our Form Analytics reports and see how each report will help you increase your conversion rates.

Step 2 - Choose a Form to track

Log in to your Formisimo account and use the Add Form button. Enter the URL of the form that you want to track and the interface will show you all the forms on that page, you can select the one that you're interested in optimising. When you confirm the process Formisimo will start tracking behavioural data in that form.

Screenshot of the Formisimo Form Overview report

Step 3 - Install the Formisimo snippet

Install the Formisimo snippet on your website. You can add the code directly, or use a tag manager like Google Tag Manager. Your code snippets are shown to you at the start of the Step 2

There are two snippets to add: a tracking snippet to be added to any page that contains a form, and a conversion snippet that tells Formisimo that a form has been successfully completed. The conversion snippet is usually added to the confirmation/thank you page of a process. If you're tracking the steps in a checkout process then add the conversion snippet to every step except the first.

Step 4 - Use the Real Time report to check your installation

The Formisimo Real Time report shows you real-time data on who is in your form and what fields they are engaging with. After installation you can use this report to see if you're tracking correctly.

Step 5 - Review the first Formismo insight

Formisimo crunches behavioural data every evening at midnight (UTC) and adds it in to your account. This means that after installation you may need to wait a few hours before your first insight is ready. Take a look at our reports to see the features of each one.

The homepage of the Formisimo application lists all the forms that you're tracking along with headline data (visits and conversions) for the form. Clicking on a form will take you in to the reporting interface, and you can then explore the insights. You can change the time period that the report covers using the date selector in the navigation bar, allowing you to review trends over long periods of time or get to the bottom of issues by focusing on a particular day or week.

Devices render forms in different ways, so you can use the Device Segmentation in the navigation bar to review form insights for specific device types (desktop, mobile and tablet). Segmentation allows you to find device specific issues.