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Full Stack Engineer Role

We're a multi award winning startup based in MediaCity. We're part of Europe's leading technology accelerator Seedcamp and we're used by hundreds of companies Worldwide. We're venture backed and we have big ambitions for the future growth of our company.

Formisimo is a SaaS business. Our platform offers analytics on the experience users have with online forms, helping our customers to improve their users' experience. Our goal is to help unlock hidden value in all online forms and checkouts through the impossibly clever use of data and technology.

The job

We're looking for a developer to make the engineering team a team of 3. You'll be working with a junior (though fastly becoming not a junior) and our tech lead, managed by the CTO.

The work is typically product development. There's lots of brainstorming and discussion around the whiteboard as we plan what to build and how and you'll be fully involved. The build tends to involve varying mixes of pairing, mobbing and solo work depending on what you think will work best at the time.

The work will span the whole stack, with inexhaustible opportunity to learn from the rest of the team. Our prime engineering value is to minimise maintenance so this means we spend a lot of time building as opposed to maintaining servers, but it also means the stack is really accessible - we don't have any specialised, siloed knowledge.

Here's a little summary of our tech for the curious - but please note that experience with this tech specifically is NOT a requirement for applying.

To give you a sense of the type of work we do, here's an example of something we're proud of:

We wanted to provide our analytics in realtime whilst minimising the amount of maintenance that a realtime system would require (as this is vital for a small team). So instead of using an out of the box tool like Apache Flink or Beam we built a bespoke system using Lambda and Elasticache, giving us realtime data with almost no maintenance and effortless scalability.

Come work with us

The aspects that make each individual at Formisimo happy and fulfilled working here are:

  1. Everyone makes a impact - we're a small team making a big difference. The code you write will improve people's days and the ideas you have will be heard by your colleagues
  2. We're a close-knit team. Weekly team breakfasts, monthly 1:1s with the CTO and 6 monthly 1:1s with the CEO. We also have inclusive quarterly socials where alcohol is not the focus e.g. hike in the Peak District, Escape Rooms, nice food, ninja warrior - it changes every time
  3. Low stress - we've tried the stressful way but now we know that you need to slow down to go fast. One of our team described us an antidote for a stressful software development environment
  4. We see you as a person and not a job role - This is why team-time is important to us but also flexibility. We're flexible on hours of work so long as you're contactable between 10 and 3. We're flexible on location, we're not a remote-first team but people regularly work from home when they're balancing other needs and responsibilities
  5. We have an equity reward scheme - giving you share options for every year of service.
  6. Interesting work - We collect millions of data points every day that we analyse in realtime and our analysis is complicated. It's not easy to meaningfully identify when someone is struggling with a form with a stream of mouse clicks and keypresses and no personally identifiable information. It's also challenging to present this data in ways that lead our users to quick and actionable insights
  7. We care about your career - We offer you regular mentoring and coaching, not to train you up for this job, but to help you progress your career however you see fit. You get a training budget and your career, and how we can help, is discussed in your 1:1s

What to expect

The recruitment process:

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