Technical Information

Formisimo is a form analytics tool that tracks interactions in web forms on your website.

It works in a similar manner to Google Analytics, whereby a small snippet of JavaScript is added to the pages of the forms you want to track. Another line of JavaScript is also added to the first page that visitors are sent to upon successful completion of the form.

Formisimo can be installed using a tag manager. We also have integrations and plugins for popular platforms such as Magento.

Formisimo’s tracking and conversion code snippets are 7kb each in size. It’s delivered by Amazon Cloudfront and loaded asynchronously. Our tracking and conversion code won’t slow down your website’s speed or performance.

We track and record data at speeds that allow us to produce real time reports on behaviour in your forms.

  1. What we track: Behavioral information, i.e. clicks, keypresses and blurs (movement in and out of form fields).
  2. What we don’t track: The information entered into form fields. This means all your customer’s data is secure and we don’t store any personally identifiable information.

For more information on how Formisimo works, please visit the Formisimo Knowledge Base.

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