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Why people use Formisimo

Approved by leading conversion optimisation experts

"If you have forms, you need to analyze their performance. Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts. Useful data, simple interface. It is form analytics that actually works, especially when compared to some mouse tracking tools that have form analytics as one of the many features."
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Why Our Users Love Formisimo

Thousands of companies use Formisimo to improve their online forms or checkout process. Here are the three reasons why they love us the most.

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Discover Form Abandonment Reasons

Speed up your conversion rate increase

You know that your form or checkout isn’t converting but you don’t know why. Formisimo uncover this in a quantified way. We measure the behaviour of every website visitor that sees your form, we measure their actions in your form and turn tens of thousands of data points into powerful insight.

Formisimo gives you the data you need to create effective hypothesis, in order to steer your A/B testing program. We reduce the reliance on intuition and opinions. You get insight into the actions that all your customers are taking within your forms, showing you where they experience pain, what causes them to drop off, and many more metrics and reports.

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Pain-free, code-free installation

Form analytics, no developers needed

Install Formisimo in seconds using a tag manager, or paste our snippet of code in to your page. Our customers find that Formisimo is the easiest form analytics platform to install and start getting insights into their form performance. Our advanced tracking script can see user behaviour in Ajax forms, forms within iframes and it works with complex form setups. You can easily block fields from being tracked, and block any IPs from being tracked.

Formisimo measures user behaviour in almost every type of form and we've been created to almost never require special customisation. Once you are tracking your forms, you can start making improvements and measuring their progress over time without needing to change the Formisimo tracking implementation.

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Powerful Form Insights

Formisimo turns deep form-behaviour data into reports that show you where the issues are.

Data on its own won't improve your business. But harvesting insight, monitoring progression to see what changes worked and optimising your way to success will.

Formisimo has been created to provide deep insight on user behaviour in your forms, and to present that in engaging and relevant reports. Our insight is created from the thousands of data points that we capture on each customer as they complete your forms, and our reports have been created to highlight specific issues and optimisation opportunities in your forms.

We designed Formisimo for teams that don’t have the luxury of a data scientist. Our 57 metrics will show you exactly where your biggest problems are. You don’t need to perform complicated data analysis to begin making improvements.

Latest Form and Checkout Insight

What is Form Analytics?

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Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other platforms measure visitors and pages. They're important platforms for understanding visitor journeys.

Form Analytics measures visitors and what they do in forms. Your visitors will have more inputs in a single page of your forms and checkout process than they would over the entire rest of their user journey. Understanding what they do in each part of your form is vital to understand how you can improve your forms. If a form is the gatekeeper to value, then improving it is key to increasing conversions. If your checkout conversion rate is an important KPI then optimizing the form steps of your checkout will increase your conversion rate.

Find Form Optimisation Opportunities Faster

Form Analytics reveals the pain points and problems that users have. It shows you which fields suck up the most time, where users drop out, how users flow through fields, and many more metrics. It's precise analytics that measures engagement with fields, not engagement with pages, and it's the best way to see how you can improve your form and checkout.