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Making the World’s Forms and Checkouts easier to use

What We Do

On average 67% of website visitors who start the checkout process don't complete it. Formisimo helps reduce that number.

If you can understand how your users engage with your website then you can improve your site and then increase sales, but the checkout process is often overlooked. Users interact more with your forms and checkout than on any other part of your site; more clicks, key presses and time than on any other page. To improve their experience and your conversions, it's important to understand what users do in the checkout, where they're frustrated and what causes them to leave without buying.

Formisimo is a tiny piece of code that you can install on your site in seconds. We then measure what every user does in your online forms, we record this and crunch the data to reveal why they didn't buy from you. Use our interactive, segmentable reports to gain a deep understanding of how your forms are used, then use this data to improve your process and increase conversions. It sounds like a simple way to increase sales, because it often is.

Who We Are

Formisimo is a technology startup based in MediaCityUK in North West England. We're a small team (eleven experts and growing) who want to make it easier for people to fill in online forms. That means providing data to help our customers make online checkouts, contact forms and any other online forms easier to complete.

An online form is usually the last stage in a buying or interest process, after all you can't buy from an ecommerce website until you navigate through their checkout. That’s why Formisimo is a business focused on improving this critical, complex step

Our team is supported by great advisors and investors: we're backed by the North West Fund, Creative England and the "first round fund" Seedcamp. Among our advisors is non-executive director Keith Wallington who spent six years at Mimecast.

Our Story

Formisimo was founded by Al Mackin and Tom New, and the technology was born out of their frustration with filling in forms and online checkouts. Al had founded a digital marketing agency where he used data and analytics to improve the performance of his clients websites.

Realising that no analytics platform could help him understand user behaviour in forms, he created a prototype that could measure how website visitors engaged with forms. The first prototype was created with two key principles: it had to be installed within seconds, and it had to reveal data that would lead to an increase in website conversions. Those two principles are the foundation of everything we build.

Al and Tom went on to develop the Formisimo Analytics platform: an easy-to-use cloud-based analytics package that shows you why website visitors don't complete a form. In 2014 they received VC and Angel backing that allowed them to grow the business further, and in 2015 they received follow-on funding from their VC, Angels and Creative England.

Our Backers

Management Team

Al Mackin

CEO + Founder

Tom New

CPO + Founder

Doug Read


Keith Wallington

Non-Executive Director