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Field Times Report

Get millisecond-level timings for your form fields

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Our Field Times Report shows you...

Screenshot the Form Field Times report

Get millisecond accurate field times

Discover where your non-converters are spending their time

Time is a critical conversion factor for forms: does the user have enough time to complete the form, and when they first look at it do they believe that they can complete the form quickly?

Understanding how much time users spend in each field is an important part of the optimisation process. Spotting fields that are taking up significant time allows you to focus your optimisation process on the most troublesome fields.

Use the Field Times report to get accurate timing data on how long people engage with your fields. We measure time from the first interaction with a field (for example clicking in the field) to the final interaction.

Our timing data will reveal the fields that are taking long than you thought, allowing you to focus on building a hypothesis for change.

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"If you have forms, you need to analyze their performance. Formisimo does a very good job at providing in-depth information that really helps with optimization efforts. Useful data, simple interface. It is form analytics that actually works, especially when compared to some mouse tracking tools that have form analytics as one of the many features."
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