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Form Conversion Rate Optimisation

How to increase the conversion rate of your forms and checkout process

67% of Form Starters don't Convert

Forms sit at the end of the conversion funnel, either as individual steps in a checkout process or as a contact or lead generation form. They're often overlooked in the CRO process yet they have the potential to deliver a high conversion rate increase. On average 67% of potential customers who start filling in a form don't complete it, so there's a significant opportunity.

What is Form Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Any website that has a conversion point (such as the purchase of a product, a form to fill in to express an interest in a service or a contact us form) has a conversion rate (the number of conversions divided in to the total number of visitors) and the challenge for any online business is to increase that conversion rate.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of increasing that conversion rate across a website,and it's a blanket term for a group of tasks that go from improving the speed of the site, which will reduce the bounce and exit rate, to undertaking an AB testing process, with the aim of changing elements of the website to find the perfect combination.

Often overlooked: the form conversion rate

One of the most overlooked sections of a website are the forms but almost every user has to engage with a form as part of the conversion process. As an example the sign-up page on most sites has issues like:

These are just some of the issues that users may experience on forms that will stop them moving forwards through the conversion process. It could slow them down and they become frustrated with your brand, or even worse they could drop out of the process completely and move to a competitor site to transact.

How Formisimo improves your form conversion rate.

There are currently no easy ways to measure how users engage with your forms. Software such as Google Analytics is a great way of understanding how users move around pages on your site, but it doesn't show you how they've moved round the fields on your site. To optimise your form conversion rate you need to understand what people are doing in each form element and when they are experiencing problems.

Formisimo tracks what users do on your forms

Our unique software can give you the insight you need to increase your form conversion rate - we track the key presses and clicks on form elements, when a user submits a form and when they move around it.

From this data we can highlight:

  1. The time that users spend on fields, showing you which fields are taking up most of the users time. You can improve your conversion rate by making these fields easier to understand, shorter or making it clearer what you expect the user to enter.
  2. Formisimo will show you the "most returned to fields", which shows you when users are having to return to the same form field to make an edit.
  3. If you want to know which field has the most deletes, backspaces or cursor movements then Formisimo can show you that.

That's just three of nineteen different metrics that you can access in Formisimo, and as we get feedback from our customers we're adding more metrics in to the tool. You'll be amazed at how this insight will influence your site and help your web CRO.

Form experiments and Form AB Testing

An important part of the CRO process is a structure of decision making based on performance and making unemotional decisions. Formisimo is based around experiments, which means you simply select a page you want to track, choose the form on it and then the users interactions will start being tracked.

An experiment can be on-going, so data is collected continually and you can analyse it whenever you want, or you can set targets or limits. You may want to just collect data between two dates, or perhaps you want to get information on the next two thousand people who enter data in to the form. Formisimo allows you to set these limits, and more, so you can gather the data you need.

It's easy to setup an AB testing experiment where you can gather data on two forms and determine the winner and you can set the same time range or visitor limit.

Further form reading

Formisimo works with almost every online, mobile and tablet browser and you can read more on our browser compatibility.

Installation of Formisimo is easy, in fact it's no more complicated than pasting in the code for Google Analytics. Find out how easy it is to start form tracking your visitors form interactions and to engage in form conversion rate optimisation in our installation guide

Forms play such an important part in the conversion process that if you can improve them then you'll see an increase in sales or leads with the same marketing spend. This process of form conversion rate optimisation will also make it easier for your website visitors to engage with you, which means they'll have a positive experience of your brand.