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Why work at Formisimo?

Headquartered in MediaCity, Manchester, Formisimo is a young startup that's building outstanding technology that improves online forms and checkouts. We've adopted the best qualities from the startup eco-system to make a great place to work. We're hyper-transparent with our team and we have a culture of openness. This means that everyone knows everything.

Formisimo is growing fast and is backed by leading angel investors and supporters (like Seedcamp, Creative England and Publicis). We're building innovative, new technologies so that we lead our market from the front.

Our Perks

About us

We're an award winning start-up that's part of Europe's leading seed investment and mentoring program: Seedcamp. We've won awards like Retail Week Startup of the Year, Bizamp Tel Aviv and the Northern Tech Awards. We also won the Publicis90 startup competition.

Online forms and checkouts are frustrating to website visitors, whether it's an enquiry form, a checkout or a registration process, users hate forms, and companies don't spend enough time improving them. That's why an average of 67% of people who start to fill in a form don't complete it. That's a lot of angry users and lost revenue.

What's it like to work at Formisimo

We're based at TheGreenhouse in MediaCity, which is a building of around a hundred small businesses in the tech and media sectors (and other great ones that aren't). Within the building are creative agencies, a physiotherapist, a barbers and a beauty salon. We're a short walk from lots of great bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. MediaCity is a vibrant area that is expected to double in size over the next five years. Best of all it's easy to reach our office via road and public transport.

Our team work hard in our rewarding environment. We make your work-life balance (and your productivity) better by giving you the flexibility in working hours and home-working. We want to help our team bond in a natural way so every Friday we take time-out to go for breakfast, twice a year we all go out together to celebrate success, and every quarter we go for a casual drink together.

Being heard and being respected cost nothing but they both offer a lot of value to our staff. We're a small business so everyone gets involved, either by suggesting ideas or just being told what and why we're doing something. From our monthly finance updates, where we talk about our financial metrics, to the planning away-days, we encourage everyone to be involved, or to learn about, every aspect of our business.

Am I ready to work at a startup?

There's a common misconception that the negatives of working in a startup are job-security and career advancement. They're balanced out by the positives: everyone gets a chance to shape the business, being part of something in the very early stages is highly rewarding and all the other benefits of startup life versus a corporate life.

We don't see career advancement as getting a new job title, instead we view it as up-skilling and earning more. They're linked together as the stronger you become as an individual then the more value you offer to the business and the more you are worth. Your career opportunities are just as strong in a startup versus a corporate, and at Formisimo we help you up-skill, we review your performance regularly and give you clarity on what your next salary milestone will be.

Startups are different to normal businesses: they're often based on hitting milestones rather than becoming profitable, especially in the early stages. This difference doesn't affect job security if the startup is on the right mission and has good backers. Job security in a startup is no riskier than in a normal business. In a non-startup you could have redundancies: teams and divisions could be closed, a business could have a poor year and decide to cut back on the team. A startup is only as risky as the proposition and the risk management capabilities of the team, and at Formisimo our strong backers, board and leadership team work hard to de-risk the business.

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